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Cosmetic container packaging. In the 5th millennium BC, the ancient Egyptians had a record of using bones, stones, or pottery to fill and store skincare products and cosmetics. Modern people used plastic and aluminum to design all kinds of containers. Satisfy the storage of cosmetic contents.

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In 1990, Fengquan was formerly known as Nantun Industrial Company. It is located at the foot of Fengshui, Nantun District, Taichung, Taiwan. There are green rice fields and rice processing fields next to it. A small factory of less than 50 square meters is packed with 3 or 4 semi-automatic printing machines. Screen printing is being used. After nearly 30 years from a screen printing factory with 5 or 6 people, it has slowly developed and designed its own products and equipped with independent secondary processing technology. It has slowly grown and become a professional Professional cosmetics, skincare product container packaging manufacturer.

Fengquan Co., Ltd. provides the company's one-stop secondary processing technology for public mold template container packaging, printing, bronzing, painting, electroplating, etc. to meet customer needs and provide convenient services. It also has special private mold development and design tailored specifically for customers.

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